Nutrient-Loaded Pizza Sauce (that actually tastes good!)

PW has been begging me to make this sauce again.  I made it once–about 2 years ago.  It is labor intensive but sooo worth it.  A way to get veggies in while giving in to your pizza craving.  If you didnt make it yourself, you would have no idea that it is filled with all these nutrients and anti-oxidants!

It can include any veggie that you want.  I did a mix of onion, green pepper, spinach, summer squash, zucchini, broccoli, garlic, and carrots.  I dont mess around when it comes to vegetables!


Other things you will need:

3 cans tomato sauce, or you could go the whole/diced/chopped tomato route.

1 large can tomato paste



(a food processor will make things easier too!)

This recipe makes 10 cups of pizza sauce, which I freeze in pizza sized portions.


First things first, get to work on the star of the show.  Steam all your vegetables except garlic/onions.  I did it in three batches according to how long it would take to steam.  (If you are not using a food processor, make sure to cut up your veggies small so your blender can smooth them out later!)

Batch 1: Broccoli, Batch 2: pepper/zucchini/squash, Batch 3: Carrots, and added spinach last 2 minutes

While those are steaming away, chop your onion and 3 cloves garlic then saute in a sauce pan with a tablespoon of olive oil until soft and translucent .

When veggies are soft, throw them in the food processor, they will form a delicious smelling, pesto-like substance.



Mix the veggie smush, the 3 cans sauce,  and 1 can tomato paste into the pan with onions/garlic and let simmer.  Add salt/pepper to taste at this point.



Let simmer for about half an hour with the cover on to let all the flavors meld together, then take off the heat and let cool.

Last step, and this is crucial, you have to put the sauce through the blender so it’s nice and smooth.



Once blended, you are left with the most delicious pizza sauce you’ve ever tasted.  And it is EXCEPTIONALLY healthy to boot!



I am currently using this sauce to make PW his pre-long ride pizza, toppings include caramelized onions and garlic chicken sausage (pictures of that to come in the next entry).

This is a Waffle House

This is not a recipe to be taken lightly. It is the best recipe I have ever put on this blog. (Unfortunately not the best pictures though–this is my point and shoot camera :( ) I feel like I never need to cook again. The waffles, they were light and fluffy, crispy on the outside, and approximately 4 million times better than the boxed mix. I feel the need to finish the post and go back into the kitchen to make them again!

What you need:
-Waffle Maker
-Hand Mixer
-2 cups all-purpose flour
-2 eggs
-2 Tblsp flour
-1.5 tsp vanilla
-1 teaspoon cinnamon
-4 tsp baking powder (or replacement, below)
-1.75 cups milk
-1/2 cup smart balance oil

Don’t have baking powder? (I didnt). Easy fix. For each teaspoon of baking powder required, use 1/4 tsp baking soda and 1/2 teaspon cream of tartar. For the above recipe I used 1 teaspon baking soda and 2 teaspoons cream of tartar.

Use the mixer and beat until smooth. Cook like any other waffle on your lil griddle and check this out:

Results in a messy kitchen, but so worth it!

Don’t put too much mix in…because this happens and its unfortunate:

Wish the pictures could do this recipe justice!!

Now, back to my Saturday ritual of watching Thats So Raven and correcting papers before my run! Think I might actually do it outside today!

Pizza Dough

It was New Years Eve, I was in my pajamas, PW was at work…what better to do than make pizza dough?

I have long overcome my fear of proofing yeast. I love bread. It is my favorite food of all time, even. Pizza crust is in that category!

So, first things first, proof the yeast:

1 cup warm water
1 Tablespoon sugar
1 Package Active Yeast

Once you have some foaming action, add 3 tablespoons of olive oil:

Then add garlic powder, salt, and 3 cups of flour (in small doses.) Mix well, then knead!

Let rise for about an hour then spread on a greased pan (very important!)

I baked mine for about 15 minutes before adding any toppings because I like a crispy-bottomed crust! Once it started to brown on top I added some sun-dried tomato pesto:

And some generic pizza sauce. I topped it with approximately one million different types of cheese. And some garlic chicken sausage!

Pretty good! Next time Id like to go all homemade-crust, sauce, and well…not homemade cheese but maybe a more authentic mozzarella or chevre!


One of my friends got injured in a car accident Wednesday night (thankfully she is okay, other than a severely broken wrist). We rallied and camped out at her house yesterday after she got home from the hospital. And of course we came with a lot of food, because thats how we roll.

Included was:
Chips and salsa/queso
Hummus and pita chips (I went with plain and then brought too mix ins–carmelized onions and roasted garlic)
Ice cream sundae fix-ins
Chocolate Chip cookies to be baked.

One of our friends outdid herself though, she went through a Trader Joe’s cookbook and found some great recipes. She made the recipes over the course of the afternoon.

Started with Provolone and Prosciutto wrapped roasted asparagus.
This was SO GOOD! Its my new go to appetizer recipe!!

(Roast asparagus for 6-8 minutes. Remove from oven and wraps provolone around asparagus. Then, wrap that deliciousness in prosciutto and put back into oven until cheese is slightly melted.)

Apricots with Goat Cheese

(Slice apricots in half, remove pit. Put on lined cookie sheet and fill with goat cheese. Broil for about 5 minutes until they start to brown. Remove, drizzle with honey, and top with chopped pistachios.)

While this was all being consumed over the course of 5 hours, she was ALSO slowcooking some Wild Mushroom Beef Stew! (I love beef stew!) She made that, along with bringing some organic Egg Noodles to be the base. This was great, and super hearty. It does take a while to cook though, but when you are eating classy things like the above, you can live with it!

(The pictures are so discolored–maybe my iPhone camera isnt as good as I thought it was?!)

We also watched a couple of movies which were way more hilarious than I expected–Despicable Me and Surf’s Up.

Today I am down for a 40 minute run and some serious grading and planning for next week. Not sure what is happening for New Year’s Eve. There are a couple of options, but I have been out almost every night this week and am thinking sleep may be a more viable option. Even though it is the end of a decade (crazy to think about!).

Just for kicks, a couple of pictures of this mornings delicious breakfast (vacation leaves me time for making intense breakfasts!)

Tune in later this afternoon, I am in the midst of writing my 2011 Goal Entry!!!