Summer Work/ Adjusting My Running Schedule

Most of the time, I am a middle school science teacher. I say most of the time because once summer hits I usually pick up another job. I have done a little bit of everything. Of course, I have done some tutoring. But also worked at a bookstore, drove for Uber, worked in the Coors factory,washed cars and worked in a lab. I have also tried a few things online. I really wanted an online writing gig to work but I just couldn’t get fast enough at churning out articles to make it worth while. I used to get jobs but I could only really write about the things I know quickly enough to make it worth my time.

But the job I like the most (but has also had the greatest effect on my running!) has been cleaning houses. It’s a straight forward kinda job where you throw in your headphones, break a sweat and earn some pretty good money. I clean houses in Castle Rock (south of Denver) mostly because the money is better. While there are plenty of affluent people in Denver that make more than triple my little ole teacher salary, Castle Rock happens to be overflowing with them. If you happen to be one of these people and want to help a proud public servant, head over to Castle Rock Superior Maid Service and tell em’ Court sent ya! = D

But what I … Read the rest