Dinner at Tre Monté in Woburn!

I was lucky enough to attend a blogger dinner at Tre Monté in Woburn last night. Meg and I headed in and arrived just before our 7:30 meet up time. We were soon joined by the rest of the bloggers:

Let’s start with the food. We first sat down to bread with oil, as well as bottles of Pinot Bianco and Chianti.



Anthony (the owner and chef) prepared plates of his favorite appetizers for us all to share as a table. We started with Arancini. This was my first Arancini and it did not disappoint!



We also had sausage with cannellini beans, Bolognese, and Grand Marnier shrimp:






But, the star of the entire night was the Melanzana. I am not an eggplant fan, or at least I thought I wasnt! The texture of this was perfect. Lightly breaded, topped with creamy alfredo. Heaven! This dish alone is worth going to Tre Monté.

We then each chose an entreé. And I made sure to try those around me, as well! I was stuck between the Chicken Parmigiana and the Stuffed Chicken (prioscutto and marscapone cheese stuffed under the skin). In the end I went with the Chicken Parm, if only because I knew I would not be able to eat it all after all those appetizers, and PW would enjoy the leftovers. Boy was I right about not being able to eat it all–the portions were HUGE!

The chicken was good. The chicken and breading thin enough that it wasn’t overwhelmed with the taste/texture of the oil. Highlight #2 of the night was the homemade pasta that it came with. Al Dente perfection!


Other dinner’s included the swordfish special with potato gratin, the broccoli rabe with sausage, as well as the rib-eye and gnocchi specials!


And then–we were brought out an array of desserts! I truly did not think I would be able to fit any more, but when Anthony told us they were from Italy, I knew I had to do what I could. I then proceeded to talk about the cannoli for 15 minutes. Im sure my dinner company thought I was nuts–I could not stop raving about it/moaning/weeping a lot. It was that good! We also had profiteroles and tiramisu. Also good! I even brought a piece of the Tiramisu home for PW so he could taste an AUTHENTIC italian dessert (not chain restaurant dessert!)

About the restaurant itself…

The food was delicious, but what sold me was how passionate the owner and chef, Anthony, was. You could tell he was a man that truly loved what he did. The stories he relayed of his grandmothers cooking traditional Italian food, how it inspired him, and how he incorporates it into his restaurant really let his passion shine.

It is on Main St in Woburn, easily accessible from Route 95. Ample parking behind the restaurant. The servers, bartenders, and chef were friendly and accessible. I would definitely recommend this restaurant to the Boston crowd. Actually–Id recommend to the Central Mass people too–it is totally worth the drive!!

Thanks to Tre Monté for having us and Boston Food Bloggers for setting up!

Dentist Visit and Dinner!

First day back at school after winter break today. I had high hopes of getting there SUPER early. Unfortunately, my iPhone had other ideas. And by other ideas I mean malfunctioning ideas. That lousy piece of metal didnt ring at 5am like I nicely requested! My morning started out a wee bit rushed. And a wee bit stressed–not only was I late but I had a dentist appointment right after work.

A little background: I have horrible teeth. And a horrible candy addiction problem to boot. And to make matters worse I havent been to the dentist in three years. The last time I had dental insurance was when I worked in Boston Public Schools. A year back at school and a year as a long-term = low-priority teeth!

Anyways, so I get to the dentist, nervous as all get out I will have to get dentures my teeth are so bad. And the hygienist says to me “Do you floss regularly?” (Like they always ask) to which I respond “YEP!…can you tell?” (Fear is a great motivator!) Moral of the story: yes! they can tell!

Point of the story: she cleans my teeth, dentist comes in and checks them out: NO CAVITIES! I literally have never been to the dentist and NOT had at least 1. And then I skip out for 3 years and end up with none? Heck yeah! Elaine would be proud!

I made the dentist high-five me after he told me the news…it may or may not have been awkward.

I wanted to take pictures of my sweet, clean, white teeth and they all came out wacky. Like, super lock me up kind of wacky. So much so, that these two were the best (okay and most hilarious) of the bunch. I told you I was SUPER EXCITED about the No Cavity Visit!

Lastly: dinner tonight. I breaded and sauteed some chicken (this was sooooo good) and roasted some potatoes. PW had a veggie stir-fry as a side instead of potatoes. Again: Best. Chicken. Ever!

I am off to bed, with about 6 alarm clocks set for the AM because I am paranoid now! Tune in tomorrow with a synopsis (pictures included) of PW’s Physical Therapy appointment! And perhaps a rundown of my treadmill 70 minute run?