That Runner ChickWelcome to my little slice of the internet pie! My name is Court and this is my space to talk about the activity that I love (running, in case you missed the title!) and the food that keeps me fueled! And anything else that comes up while I live my life! Here are the basics:

  • I live in and love Colorado. What’s not to love!? We are in the top five of sunniest states, mountains are just a quick drive away and we are the micro brew capital of the nation (beer is fuel too)!
  • I am a Middle school science teacher who originally started out doing Teach For America¬†after college and I have since stuck with it. I love teaching more than I ever thought I would.
  • I clean houses on some weekends and during the summers for extra money. I live in Denver but clean in Castle Rock. I actually really enjoy putting in my headphones and jamming to some classic 90’s while I clean the heck out of some big houses. It’s the perfect side gig for me.
  • I enjoy cooking but don’t always have the time. But I still love to share what I am eating and what I am cooking.

That about covers it! If you want to learn more…read my posts! Or contact me!