Simple Paleo Smoothie!

Hello everyone! As you know, between running and coaching, teaching and cleaning houses I am pretty busy! I try to do as much meal prep as possible in order to save time but I also love to make simple meals. What could be more simple than a smoothie?

And while a lot of Paleo folks overlook the smoothie option there isn’t anything not Paleo about a smoothie. After all, it’s more about the foods than the preparation. I have a believe an ambitious Paleo person was ingenious enough to make a smoothie!

Smoothies are great because it allows you to have a high concentration of all the good stuff quickly. You can also incorporate ingredients that you might not otherwise eat (raw eggs for example!) and cover up any undesirable taste with antioxidants!

First we need a base. I usually like to use either water or coconut milk. If I’m trying to drop weight or not training as hard as usual I will go with water. If I want to make sure I’m fully fueled I go with coconut milk.

  1. Start with 2 cups of coconut milk or water.
  2. Throw in a good helping of whatever fruits you like. You want something with a strong taste! I like to use lemon as one my fruits for this reason.
  3. Three raw eggs. As long as your source of eggs is not a factory farm raw eggs shouldn’t be a problem. I will occasionally substitute this with a can of salmon (tuna has too much mercury).
  4. Two spoonfuls of powdered coffee. This is great! It adds a ton of yummy flavor and really wakes you up!
  5. Peanut butter. I normally use 1-2 spoonfuls.
  6. Chocolate protein powder. This one is optional but with the coffee it really makes for a great combination.

That’s it! I know it seems a little strange with the fruit but you can drop the coffee and protein powder for a fruitier smoothie and use lighter fruits with the coffee and protein powder for more of a mocha smoothie.


Let me know what you think!

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