48 hours

We got home really late on Monday–like, 12:30am. Hit the hay and then got up to get back into real life. You know, grocery shopping, running, riding, cleaning, etc. Also had a surprise visit from Andy who dropped off my birthday present from PW–Red Sox tickets! We are going tomorrow afternoon…and they are pretty killer seats.

Anyways, so first order of business was the grocery store to restock supplies. Turkey meatloaf was on the dinner menu (leftovers make dinner sooo easy!!):

My default dinner is meatloaf/spinach with brussels sprouts on the side. PW is lucky and gets baked sweet potato fries too (I guess thats what happens when you work out 25 hours more than me a week?!)

I was headed out for a run when my neighbor stopped by with this:

They have a huge garden and gave us not only monstrous zucchini and summer squash, but homemade zucchini bread!!!

I did a 20 minute recovery run and then laid around, the 8 hour drive the day prior really got me and I could hardly recover.

That 20 minute recovery run meant I had an 80 minute run today. Got up at 9 (!!! No matter what my plans are, no matter how good the early running intentions, I wake up at 9) and was running by 10. I wore my new running shirt that I LOVE. Check out how tan I am. That is just from watching Ironman lake Placid and running this summer. And I always wear sunscreen on my face. I had to wear a hat today because my face was becoming way too tan to look normal (Jersey Shore much?!)

Alright. Endurox and snack down–reward is an iced coffee. Iced Caramel Swirl here I come!!!