An Ironman Lunch

After breakfast this morning, I didn’t think i was going to be hungry for lunch. Especially since I was helping out a friend by consuming some mini M&Ms so he could use the container for his salt tabs.


What is about extremely tiny candy that makes it that much more delicious?


By lunch time though, I was starving. Brian and I decided to go to a little gourmet sandwich shop just off he main drag called Chair 6.


I ended up getting my usual (you know, the turkey/lettuce/tomato/bacon, duh!)


That’s right, it was actual roasted turkey. It was delicious and SO delicious.

Brian got something called Johns Gobbler–a thanksgiving themed sandwich:


But the star of the show?


It was so fresh! Blackberries+Limeade? Sold!!


I wish I had another one RIGHT NOW!

Alright off to dinner with some of our friends at the Brewery! If you’re out here in Lake Placid, swing by!

Lake Placid FINALLY!

I missed this little blog! I have been a busy bee, packing/getting ready for Lake Placid, then driving up here, then doing six (!!!) massages yesterday! I tried to squeeze in all the biking I wanted to do on this recovery week Mon-Wed and managed to get in 4.5 hours.

We drove up Thursday night and arrived around 1:30am. Here are our digs:


I was so happy to get up here! Friday morning I got up at 6:30am to run before the massagin’ started at 8:30. It was hot, as I’m sure everyone who is read this knows. It was hot everyone in the country yesterday! Did all those massages and then went to visit my favorite Lake Placid peeps at their house for a while.

Check out the view from our condo this morning:


This morning was the QT2 Team Breakfast. Love that! It was at the Crown Plaza–they always take care of, making sure they have enough pancakes to fulfill the needs of the 25 people racing and their families! Here is (mostly) everyone at breakfast:


I have three more massages today and then we are doing our pre-race night ritual: going to the Brewery for a night of fun! There are a lot of us up here NOT racing (more than usual), so it will nice to hang out with everyone.

Excited for the race tomorrow…looks to be perfect weather. Hoping that for everyone involved, they allow wetsuits.

Oh, and something exciting came yesterday. Here is a hint:


Fill you guys in soon. I WILL be wearing it tomorrow though!!