Red Wine: My accessory of choice

Who knew that red wine could turn an ordinary meal into extraordinary?

I love beef stew.  It is an easy meal, its delicious, and I know the nutritional stats on everything in it.  And its pretty darn healthy if you use lean meat!

When I woke up to a snow day this morning my first thought was “CROCKPOT!”.

I cut up a little over a pound of stew meat and put it in the crockot with some flour.  Coated the meat, and then added my extra ingredient–red wine.  We had an open bottle of Cabernet in the fridge so I put about 1/2 in with the meat to start cooking while I chopped up my veggies.

I included 3 carrots, 1 small yellow onion, 2 large potatoes, 4.5 cups of water, and seasoning.  Then I let the crockpot do its magic for about 5 hours (on high).  What happened was MAGICAL.

This is by far the best beef stew I have ever had.  The red wine did something amazing to the beef while it was cooking (I think it was at the very beginning when it marinated in it with the flour.)  The meat was tender, the gravy delicious, and overall the meal just tasted GOURMET.

This meal definitely rocked my world, I encourage you all to make it!

Finished my hour trainer ride (while watching Tabatha’s Salon Takeover, obviously. Love Bravo!) Now on my way to the gym to do a 45 minute run. Want to get it over with so I can come back and get ready for a night with the girls!

PS check the 5 day forecast for the week…rumor have a -30 degree windchill coming. Boo! Good thing I dont mind the ‘mill!

My Favorite (non-blog) Hilarious Websites

I have quite a few non-blog websites on my Google Reader that are always making me laugh. Some of them (like DYAC, see below) make me laugh so hard I cry/snort and my husband just shakes his head at me. I put together a “cheer-up” list for y’all, because you just cannot continue to be in a bad mood after checking these out!

(The titles are pretty self explanatory, and I put stars next to my favorite ones!)

1. I Can Haz Cheezburger Puns***
2. Damn You AutoCorrect (DYAC)***
3. Failblog
4. Failbook-Facebook Fails***
5. LOLDogs
6. My Very Worst Roommate
7. This is Photobomb (PW and I try and do this all the time!)
8. There I Fixed It
9. Very Demotivational
10. Crazy Things Parents Text***
11. Crazy Things Parents Say
12. Learn From My Fail

In other news, another snow day today. In the last 2 weeks, I have been at school for a total of 6 days. I feel like Ive been out of work more than in it. Hopefully my students take advantage of this extra day and weekend to do some studying for their midterms!

PW trekked to the gym this morning after shoveling out walkway driveway (swoon, what a guy!), because he has an hour swim and 85 minute run. Where as, since I have a THIRTY minute run, Ill be heading there by myself later!! I am about to hop on the bike though as I wait impatiently for my crock-pot meal to cook (don’t worry only 4.5 more hours).

Ate my glorious grapefruit this morning. My favorite fruit of all time. It is so time intensive though. When I eat them, I cut it in half, and then cut around every triangle of fruit (between the pith) so I can scoop it out with a spoon. Does that make sense? Is there an easier way to eat it?


Do you have any websites I should add to my above list? Anything that never makes you fail to laugh?

How do you eat grapefruits? Am I crazy for taking all that time to cut each piece?


Check back in later for pictures/recipe of my dinner!