The rest of Utah Day #2

The rest of my food today was not core friendly, but, totally delicious!!

Lunch was typical pre-IM lunch: SUBWAY! I went with honey oat bread, turkey, lettuce, and tomato (my usual).

Close-up of that inside goodness:

Snacked on some dried pineapple and dark chocolate over the course of the afternoon. While watching SIX episodes of My Super Sweet Sixteen. Hey, its carbo-loading/rest day. We are on house arrest! I didn’t JUST watch tv, I read some of my book, read some blogs, and answered some emails too!
But, really, these were the highlights of the afternoon:

By dinner time, I was definitely ready to get out of the house! Mikaela, Chrissie and I left the QT2ers to finish their pre-IM food for the day, we headed for a meal out! We went to Texas Roadhouse (nothing fancy, but we heard good things about it and had never been their before!)

The first thing I noticed…they give you free peanuts. And you throw the the peanut shells on the floor after. Weird.

I had a cup of chili (in addition to veggies and some steak fries which were delish!). The chili was spicy, but good!

Exciting announcement! I bought the domain today! So now, you can type that directly into your browser without needed the additional “wordpress” in the link.

Tomorrow is the big day! Probably wont be able to post on the blog (but Ill try!). I will be posting non-stop updates (ill be in the midst of the action) on my twitter! That Runner Chick’s Twitter!

I have 12 awesome peeps racing tomorrow! Good luck (even though they dont need it–they are ALL ready to rock!) to PW, Tim, Cait, Jesse, Michelle, Lauren, Molly, Keith, Kevin, Trent, Vinu and Scribs!!

Yeah QT2 Systems!

Will try to get in a post about the Core Diet this weekend too…with some before and after pictures!!!

A QT2 Breakfast!

This morning was the event that QT2 athletes wait for every season, the carbo-loading breakfast. 20 of us met up at this fine establishment:

Here are Alex, Anne, Vinu (and their adorable children), waiting for food!

Tim, Cait, Chrissie, Jesse, and Mikaela chowing down:

And the rest of our peeps (we took up a LOT of tables!). Kevin, Keith, Carlos, Dave, Pat, and Trent:

I was so excited when I saw a “fresh fruit bowl” on their menu! I ordered that bad boy right up, along with a half-order of french toast! While waiting for the food to come, I may or may not have finished off this entire pot of coffee (5 cups!)

Breakfast arrives!

The french toast looked so yummy, that I have to give you a big, close up, portrait of it!

The fruit looked good:

But it wasnt :( I only ate the watermelon, some of the grapes, and half the french toast!

Now we are hanging out at the condo, everyone is carbo-loading with their feet up. A pretty relaxed day is in store from here on out! Tomorrow is an EARLY morning, so hopefully we can all get in a nap!

Ill post the lunch/dinner/sitting around all afternoon recap tonight!