First Trail Run of the Year

I am extremely clumsy. Trail running almost always ends badly for me, but by the next time I want to go, Ive usually forgotten how ugly the last time was (and how much fun I had!). That was the case today. Once we started running my father said to me “remember the last time we did this? You fell down the hill, and then tripped into the river and had to run in wet shoes for the whole thing!”.

Oh, yeah. I remember.

Well, nonetheless, I had beautiful scenery and good company, so why not give it a shot!

Ran with these jokers:

(Dad is on the far right. Hi Dad! He is going to Germany tomorrow for TWO WEEKS with the Air National Guard!)

Here I am, just starting to remember how bad of a trail runner I am:

It was unbelievably scenic though, I had no idea this place even existed! We ride by it all the time, too.

We did about 50 minutes. It was treacherous in the beginning, but once we got over the “hill” (read: small mountain with a cliff!) it was awesome. We chatted the whole way, and I didnt fall at all! Progress my friends, progress.

Now for some Playoff hockey…go Bruins!

Superwoman smoothies and the snack of champions!

Last night all PW could talk about was the smoothie he was going to have for breakfast. Well, if you know me, you know I am a VERY easy sell when it comes to food! No subliminal messaging needed here, I woke up ready to slurp up some strawberry goodness!
Ive been reading a lot (A LOT) of blogs where oatmeal is the number 1 breakfast choice. Unfortunately for core-eaters, if youre not working out immediately, oats are too high on the glycemic index! (insert frowny face here!) here BUT, I wanted the same benefit as all those oat-eaters! I wanted to feel full and satisfied and not hungry an hour later. In my world (the QT2 world) that means….PROTEIN! No, no chickens were harmed in the making of my breakfast!

(Disclaimer: Oatmeal is a great healthy breakfast! Not insulting the oats at all. Just doesnt work on The Core. Keep in mind….December breakfasts are a WHOLE ‘NOTHER BALLGAME! Ill be rocking the oats and nutbutter come this winter!)

The star of my smoothie this morning (obviously!)

The supporting cast…

1 Chobani (this was 2% fat…gasp, the horror! No, but really, way tasty!)
3/4 cup fat-free cottage cheese
1 SPLASH apple juice (just to think it out)
1/2 cup soy milk (vanilla FTW!)
2 handfuls strawberries

Mix well and you have 33g of protein, all dairy and soy yes, but no powder and no meat! If you wanted to get REALLY risque you could toss in a scoop of whey protein and boost that protein count to 53!

(The recipe makes 1.5 glasses!)
It really was a delicious breakfast, not chalky (ahem, whey protein powder) at all! Ill let you know in tonights post (regarding this afternoons group trail run!) how long the lack of hunger lasted!

And now to the delicious snack. Passed down from Jesse, to PW, to me.

Need I say more? Who DOESN’T love fruit leather?! And its Trader Joe’s (wallet-friendly!)

In two delicious flavors:

Nothin’ but the (nutrition) facts:

A sweet treat (and I am hard to please, because I have the worst sweet tooth ever)!
6g of fiber and only 8g of sugar, win/win!